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the lifestyle flash mini-course

Learn a simple speedlite flash set-up for your lifestyle portrait sessions!


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"Before Brenna's course, I was strictly a natural light photographer. The idea of using a flash totally scared me! This course simplified how to use a speedlite and now I know exactly how to achieve my desired result. Bonus: this course was so quick and easy to follow!  In one afternoon, I was able to practice and implement her strategies for my next lifestyle session. Being able to toss my flash in my bag and have it in case of cloudy days or homes with less natural light has been a game changer!"       --Jynelle Hatch

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You want a compact flash solution without the need for large, cumbersome light stands, strobes, and umbrellas

You don't need (or want) to learn everything about using flash and artificial light, just the basics

You want to learn a simple speedlite flash set up just in case you need it for cloudy days or homes with limited natural light

You're a natural light, lifestyle photographer who works in your clients' homes often

You're in the right place if...

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that's me!

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Learning a new skill will oftentimes come with some issues. But don't fret! I'll cover the most common troubles with learn how to use a flash so you know how to fix the problem when it arises...because it will ;-) I'll also take you inside Lightroom Classic for a quick overview of which LR tools will help when you're editing your photos taken with a flash.

Get my complete list of recommended flash gear for every budget, plus my flash settings cheat sheet. Print off the cheat sheet and tuck it away in your camera for help on the go!

Troubleshooting + editing

gear guide + Cheat sheet

Lesson 4


Now that you're comfortable with the camera and flash settings that you learned in Lesson 2, it's time to practice! I'll show you three simple setups for using a speedlite flash: on-camera flash, off-camera flash, and one on-camera with one off-camera flash.

Using your flash

Lesson 3

Your camera and flash are like peanut and chocolate...they're meant for each other! Setting up your flash is super easy. Let me show you!

Camera + Flash settings

Lesson 2

Let me help you feel more confident and less intimidated with using a flash. In Lesson 1, we'll cover when you may need use it, that using a flash (or two) is really very simple, the different types of flash, and common flash terms so you know what they mean when you're shopping for a flash.

INtro to flash

Lesson 1

A peek into the mini-course! 



what they're saying

"I've struggled with using a flash forever. After multiple "Masterclasses," this course finally created that light bulb moment for me! Having this knowledge has helped to create consistency for my clients. Plus, I don't have to haul a massive lighting system anymore!"          --Christine Pudel

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As a natural-light photographer, I didn't like the idea of having to reschedule my in-home lifestyle sessions just because it was a cloudy day. I also wanted to be able to serve my clients well even if their homes were darker than ideal. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the simple, no-nonsense flash education I was looking for. 

I knew I wanted a flash system that was compact enough to fit in my camera bag. I didn't want a huge setup when traveling to my clients' homes. Lastly, as a portrait photographer, I knew I didn't need a huge course on all types of flash methods for weddings and events.

That's why I created this mini-course and now, I want nothing more than to share these easy flash methods with you! My students have made incredible progress and have been blown away by how simple these skills are to implement. 

I look forward to teaching you inside the Lifestyle Flash Mini-Course!

I've been there!




what they're saying

"I am blown away by how simple Brenna explains how to use a flash. This course was everything I needed to know to improve my flash photography skills and stop rescheduling my sessions in low light situations." --Lilia Pereira

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with Brenna Heater

the lifestyle flash mini-course

Learn a simple speedlite flash setup for your lifestyle portrait sessions.

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