• I explain what a mini session is, and isn't!

• You'll learn my three secrets to selling out your mini sessions!

• I'll tell you what the best tool is for marketing your mini sessions and how you can get started ASAP!

What's included in this masterclass?

Whether you've offered mini sessions for your clients in the past or are brand new to the mini game, I want this masterclass to help set you on the path to mini session success!

Hi, Friend! I'm an Enneagram 2 (the helper), so it's no surprise that serving and helping others is natural for me. I'm a portrait photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn sessions, but I've really nailed my mini session game over the last several years. I've hosted sold out, biannual mini sessions since 2016 and now I want to help you nail your minis, too!

Whether you found your way here via social media, a referral from a friend, or an online search, I want to send a big hi, a virtual hug, and I want you know that I'm so glad you're here.

Arizona's Luxury maternity and newborn photographer

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