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  • When to Hire a Virtual Assistant
  • Outsourcing Your Editing
  • Client Closet
  • Client Gifting
  • Pricing for Profit
  • Email Marketing
  • Balancing Business & Family
  • Inquiry Tracking
  • Offering Albums
  • Instagram
  • Blogging
  • Pinterest
  • and so many more!

Business Masterclasses:

  • Studio Lifestyle + Posed Newborn
  • Sunrise Maternity with parents only
  • Lifestyle Newborn with 1 sibling
  • Family Mini Session Marathons
  • Maternity Session with 2 siblings
  • Lifestyle + Posed Newborn with 1 sibling
  • Maternity Sessions with 1 sibling
  • Lifestyle Newborn for a premature baby
  • Baby milestone sessions
  • Motherhood sessions
  • Newborn session with 5 children
  • Twin newborn session
  • And so many more!

BTS Session videos:


instant access to all previous months’ lessons including:

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Receive personal coaching in a small group environment. Ask questions about each month's lessons, get individualized help specific to your struggles and needs. This is what sets our community apart and members love it!

Group Coaching Call

Masterclasses that dive deep into business topics like building your client closet, outsourcing, email marketing, social media, offering albums, and more. These lessons are usually 30-60 minutes long and packed with valuable info you can put into practice right away!

Business Masterclass

Watch an entire session from start to finish! A new maternity or newborn session is posted every month. See how I work with difficult toddlers, pose the parents and families, shoot in different lighting scenarios, and more!

Behind-the-scenes session video from a real session

What Members Get

– Christine D.

“The MMP is a goldmine of information! Anytime I have questions about business, sure enough I can find the answer in the masterclasses.”

– Amy C.

“Watching someone do something is so helpful! I love that you have a variety of sessions that we can watch and learn how to implement different scenarios like pets and difficult toddlers. Watching behind the scenes increases my confidence!”

– Grace P.

“All of the information from the membership has been so beneficial! I definitely have learned more than I thought I would. I gained confidence to really dig deep and pursue a more motherhood focused business.”

– Lilia P.

“This membership is so AMAZING! I feel like I am right there shooting with you. The content is so helpful!”

what they're saying

All lessons from May 2021 until now

BTS videos from real sessions

A new business topic masterclass each month

Be a part of our supportive online community 

Ask Brenna anything within our live monthly coaching calls

Exclusive BHP Store discounts all year round

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what are you waiting for?

The MMP offers education and coaching every month to help you book more motherhood clients and improve your overall business.

Ready to change your life and business?

Are you curious to see how I photograph my sessions? Are you dying to shadow and learn from the comfort of your own home at the tiny fraction of the cost of my 1:1 mentor sessions?

You’re invited to come and learn with me again and again, month after month. When you join now, you'll lock in your low rate for the life of your membership!

 from the comfort of home

Affordable online education

How I direct my clients during their sessions

What I bring with me to each session

Camera settings for achieving my signature look

How I work with toddlers and pets

and everything in between!

What you’ll see in the MMP…

You want to specialize in motherhood photography but don’t know where to start

You need a community of like-minded, encouraging business owners to offer support and inspiration

You love babies and children but get nervous when you show up to a session because things may not go as you planned

You want access to personalized coaching without the $$$$ price tag

You love photography and need major help with the business side of things

The MMP is for you if…

I want to learn from Brenna!

when I was just a little girl in elementary school. I volunteered in my church nursery just so I could snuggle the babies. My friends and I were obsessed with The Baby-Sitters Club books and even started our own ‘Kidz Korner’ babysitting service. When I started my photography business in 2013, I quickly realized that moms, babies, and kids were who I loved to serve most. 

Being a full-time photographer and homeschool mom gives me a unique perspective. My kids never attended preschool or daycare. They were home with me all. the. time. When they were really little, I had to create boundaries and schedules that allowed me to present with my kids while building my business. 

The MMP was created for photographers just like me, who love serving young families and want the time to dedicate to their own kiddos. I want to walk alongside you as you juggle the “momtog” life. I want to help you find the elusive “balance” that seems so far from reach. But it’s possible, my friend! You can build a thriving business and family life while enjoying the entire process.

My heart for babies began…

A little about Brenna

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  • New content every month
  • LIVE coaching with Brenna
  • Valuable business lessons
  • Education on your time
  • Private, online community
  • Access to all content in the vault
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  • In-person experience (travel costs and overnight accommodations not included)
  • 24+ hours away from your family
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Personalized business coaching and hands-on newborn photography training

In-Person Mentoring with Shadow Session

What does all this cost?!

For those who crave community + coaching

$87 one-time payment

 join now for $270 $220


Join Brenna and other members for LIVE q&a sessions and receive personalized help when you need it most


Behind-the-scenes videos from real sessions plus business masterclasses to help you feel more prepared and confident.


Join our private, online community of like-minded motherhood photographers. Receive encouragement, support, and feedback.

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Get access to the entire vault. That's three years of video lessons when you join today!

Motherhood Photographers



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No recurring payments. Binge 3 years of content during your 90-day access!

New lessons posted every month for the life of your membership!


Masterclass: Blogging for Photographers


Masterclass: How to Plan a Styled Maternity Shoot


Masterclass: Pricing for Profit


Kennedy’s Studio Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Session


Anjelica + Clark’s Sunrise Maternity Session

Kaleigh + Pat: Indoor Maternity Session with Flash!


A peek at the vault:

Not only will you get all the new, awesome content when it drops, you’ll also get to binge on every video lesson posted since the MMP started in May 2021. As long as you’re a member, you’ll have access to the entire collection of behind-the-scenes session videos, business masterclasses, and recorded coaching calls.

Instant Access to Over a Year of Content 

What’s waiting for you inside the vault?

Our team is here to help! Please send an email to and we’ll be in touch soon. We want to help make sure that this program is what you’ve been looking for!

I still have questions. Who can I talk to?

No worries! Each call is recorded and uploaded to the Member Portal. Plus, you can send in your questions in advance and I’ll answer them during the call.

What if I can’t attend the coaching calls?

Absolutely! I created these two educational resources to perfectly complement each other. The L+P Course dives deep into all things newborn photography, while the MMP is great for watching how I shoot and handle different sessions. The MMP also includes a plethora of business lessons, not available in the L+P Course. Many students are a part of both the Course and the MMP!

I’m already in the Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Course. Is the membership for me?

While you will get to watch me wrap and pose newborns and families, I don’t teach these skills inside the membership. For photographers who need in-depth training on newborns, I created the Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Course.

I want to learn newborn safety, wrapping, posing, and editing. Is this covered in the MMP?

As soon as you join, you’ll get access to all previous months’ lessons! New videos are posted on the first and third Thursdays of each month for as long as you’re an MMP member.

When will members receive new content?

Not at all! You can cancel any time. The steps to cancel are listed inside your Student Portal.

Is there a contract or minimum time commitment?

Your questions answered

$87 one-time payment

 join now for $270 $220

Best Value!

Limited time!

90-day complete access

save $50 on your first year 


No recurring payments. Binge 3 years of content during your 90-day access!

New lessons posted every month for the life of your membership!

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