You're overwhelmed when looking at how slammed your calendar is with shooting and editing or...

You're wondering why your shooting schedule is so bare when everyone needs a photographer but no one seems to want to book with you or...

You also want to have time to spend with your family this season instead of slaving away behind the camera or the computer screen or...

You've thought about offering mini sessions in the past but have no idea where to begin or...

You're not new to mini sessions, but you're wondering if you're charging enough to be really profitable.

you're in the right place if...

sound familiar?

You want to offer mini sessions but you don't have a large following or client list...

You're the seasoned photographer who isn't getting the bookings you want when you launch your mini session dates...

You're planning on offering mini sessions for the first time and want to do them right...


this is for you if...

That's me - sign me up!

Brenna's system was a total game changer for us!

We've hosted multiple mini-sessions in the past and began to feel frustrated with the lower financial return on what always proved to be a heavy planning and shooting day!

With Brenna's help, we were able to completely overhaul our mini sessions and structure a process that made every point in the workflow easier. We booked the majority of our mini sessions out within a week, fully booked all of our time slots by the shoot day by following her marketing methods, and increased our revenue on the day by 50% over the previous mini sessions we'd hosted.

We couldn't recommend Brenna's process, insights, and experience any more strongly and we're confident in recommending this course to others!

- Erica + Jon

They'll tell you that mini sessions will take up all of your time, cause loads of frustration, and you'll barely break even because you can only charge $50.

But let me ask you this...

-What if mini sessions could actually save you hours upon HOURS of your precious time?!

-What if you could make $8,000 or more in one mini session season?!

If you're nodding your head "yes," ARE nodding your head, aren't you??

Then get ready, because this can become a reality for you and you'll wish you had gotten started sooner!

Others may tell you that mini sessions are a time suck and you can't make a good profit...

have you heard the myth?


- Katie G.

Last year's mini sessions were a flop. After following Brenna's program, I completely sold out in just two days! I also doubled my income with upselling! I'm so excited to keep implementing what I learned to grow my mini sessions.

This system gave me the confidence to charge more for my mini sessions!

what they're saying

Side effects to this proven mini session system will include...


selling out fast

saving time

making a profit

Instead of waiting around for weeks for your clients to book, you can sell out your mini sessions in a matter of days or even hours! 

Cut the time you spend planning, marketing, booking, and even shooting your mini sessions in half so you can spend more time with your family!

Charge what you're worth and find clients who value YOU! My students charge an average of $175 for their mini sessions, not including up-selling!


- Terri L.

- kelly H.

- Christine D.

I sold out my mini sessions the first week after announcing them by following your system. It was so easy! Thank you, Brenna!

After taking the course, I knew it was possible to set goals, have a plan, gain more clients, and deliver great photos in a short timeframe. I made an extra $1500-2000 from my mini sessions!"

"I love how the lessons are straight to the point but also fun! As a mom of two little ones, I don’t have time for fluff. I didn’t even know what a mini session was before this course and now I feel prepared and confident, never burnt out or stressed!"

"Rather than guessing every step of the way I had a clear plan that I was 100% confident in tackling, so that I could provide the best experience for my clients. I love that I can rinse and repeat this process for all my mini sessions each season!”

A small sample of our students' successes...

In April 2021, offering just eight Mommy + Me Mini Sessions in two hours of shooting time, I made $2,910!

That's an average of $363.75 per client!

Let me pull back the curtain and show you how much money I can make in one day of minis. 

Don't believe me yet?


I created this course to help fellow photographers simplify and streamline their entire mini session process. Mini sessions don't have to be hard or suck up all of your precious time! 

This course is different than other mini session courses because I don't focus on paid advertising to help you sell out. Instead, I teach you how to gain momentum, grow your organic audience, and get them hyped up to book!

How to stay organized, professional, save time, and MORE!

An un-cut, behind-the-scenes look at a real mini session marathon!

How to set up your workflow for each client so nothing falls through the cracks.

How to streamline your booking process and eliminate the back-and-forth communication.

How to market and build interest for your mini sessions.

How to price your mini sessions for profit without in-person sales.

How to choose the ideal time, dates, and locations to appeal to potential clients.


This course is self-paced, so you can learn on your own time and move on to the next step when you're ready. It includes my step-by-step process to plan, market, book, shoot, and deliver your mini sessions with ease and confidence!


the course

plus these limited-time bonuses!

The end result?

My mini session email marketing templates!

My client prep guide!

Ongoing support!

Saving hours and hours of time!

Doubling or tripling your income!

Feeling more prepared, confident, and organized!

Serving your clients better than ever before!

_ Kelly H.

Oh my goodness, I learned so much from watching you work in this video. Now I feel more relaxed and calm and I see my clients having more fun during their mini sessions!

The behind-the-scenes mini session video was GOLD!

what they're saying

A quick, but necessary, step before you dive into your mini session planning. This module covers the need-to-know info you simply can't do without: like what is (and isn't) and mini session, how to set your mini session goals, why I don't suggest using props, and how to decide  to offer full sessions or mini sessions.

Module One

intro to minis

Choosing date, time, and location to appeal to your clients along with pricing for profit, how many images to offer, how long your mini sessions should be, bonus offerings, upselling and more...the entire planning process is inside module two. No detail is left out!

Module Two


Module Three is all about marketing: the ideal tool to market, create demand, build momentum before launching your minis, booking requirements, and so much more! It's all covered in this module.

Module Three


This module covers the client onboarding process and the steps you'll take to book and communication with your clients. I'll teach you the easiest, and least time consuming method to book each client to eliminate the back-and-forth emailing and much more!

Module Four


In Module Five, we'll talk about the entire day-of mini session process, including my shooting workflow, posing ideas, the tech tools I can't do without, and you'll be able to watch an entire, un-cut mini session marathon!

Module Five


In this final module, I'll take you behind-the-scenes into my culling and image delivery process, plus the post-delivery steps you need to take take your client experience to the next level and keep your clients coming back year after year!

Module Six


NEXT module


the topics

And to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to market your mini sessions and prepare your clients, you'll get access to these incredible bonus offers!

My email marketing templates to help you hype up your audience and sell out fast!

My client questionnaire, style guide, and prep email to make sure your clients know what to expect and are always on time!

How to set up online booking within 17hats.

A look inside Flodesk, my email marketing platform.

Setting up your Pixieset galleries for up-selling.

PLUS these tech tutorials!


Let's Recap!

This is what you get when you enroll today

From Stranded to Sold Out:

Your step-by-step guide to successful mini sessions

The complete course, chock full of over 6 hours of instruction in 32 lessons to help you plan, market, book, shoot, cull, and deliver your mini sessions with ease.

$1200 value!

plus these incredible bonuses!

email marketing templates

Client prep guide

ongoing support

($97 value)

($97 value)

($750+ value)

Save hours of time and use these email templates to market your mini sessions. Sell out FAST to an audience who's hyped up and ready to book!

WOW your clients with my style guide, questionnaire, and prep email so they feel 100% ready for their mini sessions and are never late!

Get real-time support with me and your fellow students in our private Facebook group and Zoom calls. You'll never be stuck again!

That's a total value of over $2,144!

A bargain compared to the profit you can make offering multiple mini sessions throughout the year!

But when you enroll today you'll get it all for just:




with code HOLIDAY at checkout

Success Stories

I absolutely loved this course. Brenna is very organized and lively. She definitely gave me tools I needed to save time. I loved that the lessons were quick and to the point with no fillers. I don't have a ton of free time and don't want random chatter, especially when I want to go back a review a lesson. It was perfect! 

Brenna is kind, professional, confident, and not at all pushy.

what they're saying

For those who are on the fence, have been burned in the past, or just really don't know me well yet, I want to give you every opportunity to put From Stranded to Sold Out into action and experience how easy it is sell out your mini sessions and make a huge profit.

That's why I'm giving you a full 14 days to go through the course, watch all the videos, complete the student workbook, and implement the steps to launch your mini sessions.

I guarantee, that when you follow the methods taught inside the course, you'll make your investment back in no time at all!

Buy it, try it, apply it!

You're backed by my 100% money back guarantee


frequently asked

The course is open and ready for you as soon as you enroll! You'll have to ability to watch and learn at your own pace. Students will receive a private login, so all of your course videos and documents will be in once place for easy access. All you need is an internet connection!

Absolutely! "Organization" is my middle name ;-) I've taught all my students how to streamline their communication with their clients. From simplifying the planning process to organizing your clients' final images, it's all here. No stress!

The course content is not currently available for download. You'll be able to watch it with your private login info wherever you have internet access!

I will not cover any photography or editing information. It is understood that there will be many different photography styles in the course and that each photographer has established his/her own shooting and editing process. You are always welcome to ask questions about these topics in our Facebook group, though!

I have a Facebook group just for my mini session course students, so make sure you join! There, you'll be able to ask questions of me and your fellow students, and be the first to know about course updates, Zoom meetings, and more.

It is understood that you have at least a basic knowledge of your camera and lens(es) and that you are set up as a legal business in your area. Other than that, all you'll need is internet access, a printer (for your worksheets), and a pen for taking notes!

I'd love to hear from you! Please email me directly at 

You should give From Stranded to Sold Out a 14-day risk free shot if you're motivated by any of the following...

Still thinking about it?

You want your life, really badly.

You're ready to put in the work...

You want to work with clients who trust you and value you...

You recognize that this is the best offer you'll ever get on From Stranded to Sold Out... 

That's all I got...

Maybe you started your photography business to be your own boss, make your own schedule, or stay home with your kids while blessing your family with an income. But you honestly feel like your business is taking up more of your time because you're stuck to your computer 24/7.

That's why you're motivated to make a change (or a few changes) and take back the life you dreamed of when you started this journey.

By now, you've realized that it's time to follow a proven system, ask for help, and get the results you've been wanting and FAST!

This hard work doesn't scare you at excites you!

You know that this work is what's going to make the big difference for years and years to come. Because the work you do now will set you up for success over and over again.

You're ready to say good-bye to $50 mini sessions and clients who are simply looking for the best deal. You want to build relationships and trust with your ideal clients who truly respect and value you and your business.

You're serious about turning your hobby into a business and want to start off on the right foot. You want to be taken seriously. You're the real deal.

You'd expect that this proven, step-by-step system would sell for nearly NINE TIMES the actual investment, considering the years of unlimited profit you'll achieve. 

It's kind of crazy to think that so much content and value is available for just $397. If it seems too good to be true, don't ask me why I priced this course so low!

Along with the stack of special 2021 launch bonuses you're getting, you're totally unwilling to let this opportunity slip--and even more unwilling to let a countdown timer get to decide what your next mini session season will look like.

If any of these motivating factors had you nodding your head, I borderline insist that you jump in and start From Stranded to Sold Out today with a 14-day risk free shot.

- Jessie C.

I even added even MORE time slots to accommodate additional families. My workflow was smooth with all the email templates and communication guidelines and I never felt stressed or overwhelmed because thanks to Brenna, I had a plan!

After taking Brenna's mini session course I completely SOLD OUT my mini sessions this year!

what they're saying

Imagine how different your life and business could look if...

Your mini sessions booked themselves to save you frustration

Your client communication was automated to save you time

You learned how to market to and book high-end clients who keep coming back

You doubled your profits in half the time as your previous mini session season

Since 2013, I've been working to build a business serving luxury clients in a very talented market of photographers while being able to stay home with my kiddos full time and homeschool them. I've offered mini sessions for as long as I can remember and had struggled with everything under the sun until just a few years ago when it finally "clicked!" 

My Family Mini Sessions have sold out since 2016 and have been the perfect answer to avoid the seasonal burnout while being able to serve my clients and family wonderfully.

I want nothing more than to share my process with you today.

My students have made incredible progress and have been blown away by how simple this program is to implement. 

To experience simplified and streamlined mini sessions, have your most profitable season yet, and serve loyal clients year after year, all you have to do is say "yes" today.

Should you accept this invitation, I can personally guarantee that this course will transform your business and your life.

I look forward to meeting you inside 'From Stranded to Sold Out!'

to guide you in this process and watch your business boom!

I personally cannot wait...



One-time payment of $347

Enroll in 'From Stranded to Sold Out' today!

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