Need to redecorate? Not sure where to find different prints that will look great and complement each other? Look no further! I’ve been taking detail photos around Arizona for several years. We have the most incredible natural settings that also make stunning decor for your home! With my Print Shop, you can choose your prints, […]

Apr 8, 2020


When you’re a new parent, it’s evident that you’ll be taking ALL the photos you can of your baby while she’s still itty bitty. These are my best tips for getting quality photos of your littlest family members from the comfort on your home! Shoot Down the Nose In other words, don’t shoot up the […]

Apr 3, 2020


As a newborn photographer, my goal is to have a baby who sleeps through the duration of the session. I send a detailed prep guide to my clients several weeks before their session, and again the day before. It includes information like, “Keep the baby awake and stimulated for 1-2 hours before I arrive. This […]

Mar 27, 2020


When we first starting homeschooling, we would often be asked, “Why?” There really are many reasons, but the quickest answer I came up with as a reply was, “There is no good reason not to.” But if you’re interested in the long answer, then here it is: Faith As Christians, it was vital for us […]

Mar 19, 2020


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