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Binders’ Destination Family Session | Scottsdale, AZ


The Binders came all the way out to Arizona, from their small town outside Chicago, and wanted nothing more than to document this trip than with a portrait session in the desert. They usually take a trip in January or February each year, when dad Joe travels for work, but this trip was different.

You see, Liz and I are part of an amazingly supportive community of photographers from all over the world! This group is for the Amy & Jordan Shooting and Editing Course students. When Liz and Joe booked their vacation several months ago, she sought out A&J Arizona photographers and I was so honored when she chose me!

They flew into town on a Tuesday, enjoyed swimming in their hotel’s heated pool (which was quite the contrast from the 20 degree temps in Chicago!), attended a Cubs’ spring training game, visited the Desert Botanical Garden, hiked Hole in the Rock, and met me in the stunning Scottsdale desert for their portrait session.

I absolutely love shooting other photographers! There is nothing more humbling and appreciative than when those in your craft admire and trust you to fulfill their dreams.

As we were wandering the desert, dressed to the nines, I was asking how long they’d been married and how they met. I learned they were high school sweethearts! Liz was so sweet to send me their story so who better to share it than her?!

“Joe and I are high school sweethearts from a very small town. I was a Sophomore, he was a Junior, and I had a major crush on him. He was a football star and one day I boldly asked him if I could wear his jersey to school on game day. His reply? “I’ll have to think about it”.

So thought about it he did…for three whole days, an eternity in high school girl time! Then he finally called me and said that I could. My next goal was to get him to ask me to homecoming. I really, really, really wanted him to ask me. So much so that I turned down six or seven other offers (some from a few of his close friends) and still had no date two weeks before the dance.

My mom kept telling me I was going to spend homecoming sitting around eating ice cream if I didn’t accept one of these offers soon but like I said, I really, really, really wanted Joe to ask me, so I held out. Finally, a little over a week to go, he asked me! Phew! That dance was the beginning of the rest of our lives. We had our first kiss that night, became boyfriend and girlfriend a few weeks later, husband and wife eight years later, and parents four years after that. Now our family is complete with three beautiful children. Kellen turned seven years old on Saturday, I can hardly believe that! Clara will be five and Evie will be two next month! It is just so crazy to see how far we have come!”

Liz and Joe, I cannot thank you enough for trusting me and making this an experience to remember. Your session was an absolute dream, but I hope it was just part of the incredible memories you made together as a family that week. Kellen, Clara, and Evelyn were too darn cute, such great listeners, and didn’t even question my “crazy” ideas. I hope you decide to come back to the Arizona desert again soon! You’ll be the first person I call if/when we ever make to Chicago!


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