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Casual Posing Tips to Flatter Every Body!

Tips & Tricks

As a professional pageant coach for nearly the last ten years, my job is to teach young ladies how to pose so it best flatters their bodies. Not everyone is built the same (obviously), but there are tricks you can use that will be universally flattering!

Let’s Get Started!

Check out the before and after images for examples of the four tips below.

1. Keep your feet together and slightly bend or relax the knee that is closer to the camera.
For those full-body photos, this pose looks so natural and comfortable while offering good posture and slightly slimming the legs.

2. Tilt your head towards the camera—never away from the camera.
When you tilt your head away from the camera, what we see is a great view of your neck and nostrils. That’s not a flattering angle on anyone! I’ll often see this mistake when people are taking group photos. They’ll tilt their heads toward the other people in the group, but the best thing to do is tilt toward the photographer.When you tilt your head toward the camera, it’s the same affect as someone photographing you from a slightly higher angle, which is the most flattering angle possible! Just make sure you don’t tilt too much or it’ll look like you broke your neck 😉

3. When putting your hands on your hips, they should actually go on your natural waist, not your hips.A good rule of thumb is to place your hand so it’s level with your belly button. Any other placement tends to round the back and shoulders and looks sloppy. Bonus: hands at your waist is also slimming!!

You’ll see in the before photo that my hand is too low and very sloppy. Putting the hand here also leads to poor posture. Notice the before and after of my feet position, too!

4. If you sit on a chair or bench, lean forward.

Whatever is closest to the camera will look biggest. In this before, Diana is sitting back on the bench, legs crossed, and is slightly slouching. You’ll notice that her legs look larger than her head, which is where we want the focus to be.

When she leans forward so that her head is the same distance from the camera as her legs, everything looks proportional and the focus is brought back to her gorgeous smile!

Have fun with your new posing tips!

I hope these basic posing tips help you when you’re taking pics with your girlfriends, your kiddos, or for your Instagram Husband!! Just remember to keep them subtle and natural—unless you’re on the next cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. In that case go big or go home!!
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