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A luxury maternity and newborn photographer, business coach, and educator. I have a heart for helping busy moms save oodles of time so they can spend more of it with their families. As a homeschool mom and business owner, I understand how precious your time is. My goal is to help you build the business, and life, of your dreams.

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Why Your $50 Mini Sessions Aren’t Going to Cut It

When I first started my photography business and began to offer mini sessions, I felt as if I couldn’t charge what I truly wanted to within my business. Pricing my mini sessions seemed so difficult to do so instead of charging my worth, I would offer low-cost mini sessions to just bring in money that would disappear as soon as hit my bank account.

I wasn’t creating sustainability or profit and I soon realized that my low-cost mini sessions weren’t going to cut it.

Here’s Why Your $50 Mini Sessions Aren’t Going to Cut It…

You’re attracting price shoppers, not loyal clients.

I get it, when you have more clients it can feel like you’re more successful in what you’re doing. BUT, in reality, you’re creating more editing work for yourself, more logistical work on the backend and setting yourself up for no loyal clients.

And, I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet but the clients who spend less are often clients who can be the most troublesome to deal with. They don’t fully trust your craft or respect your time, which can easily lead to no-show’s on the day of your mini session.

You’re focusing on quantity over quality.

This thought process should be the other way around. Quality over quantity is always better, in my opinion. Don’t you agree? You have to book a whole day of mini sessions to make any money if you have the quantity over quality mentality, which will burn you out.

You’re likely not set up as a legal business.

Legal businesses have a lot of expenses. I mean, a lot. From taxes, licensing, insurance, etc., you want to ensure that when you begin your photography business that you’re setting yourself up for future success. I share more about how to set up your legal photography business in this blog post.

You’re likely losing money or barely breaking even on your costs.

Remember how I mentioned above that the money I made would disappear as soon as it hit my account? Yup, this is probably how you’re feeling too.

Your time is valuable. By saying yes to shooting $50 mini sessions, you’re saying no to time with your family. You’ll be literally always working and editing and no one wants that. Plus, you are leaving a lot (A LOT) of money at the table.

If you’ve been struggling with finding your groove on pricing your mini sessions I can help! I have a specific module in my Mini Sessions Course that covers the ins and outs of this topic. Learn more here.

BONUS: Check out the tool I cannot do mini sessions without!

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