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Safety Tips During Your Newborn Sessions

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There are safety tips during your newborn sessions that every newborn photographer must know.

Because keeping baby safe throughout your session is number one priority, I wanted to share just a few safety tips every newborn photographer should have in their back pocket. And, if you are already in full-swing of booking sessions and don’t know these things, it’s time you learn so you can be best equipped to serve your clients.

Safety Tip One: Be Certified in Infant CPR

To get certified you can contact your local American Red Cross for certification details and sometimes even your local birthing centers will offer infant CPR classes.

Safety Tip Two: Have Business Liability Insurance

This is a must. I mention why in my blog Things to Know Before You Become a Newborn Photographer so I won’t go into much detail here. But it’s pretty much a no-brainer to have insurance for any business endeavor.

I, personally, recommend Hill & Usher for your photography insurance needs. You’ll want a policy that covers your equipment, liability, and E&Os (errors and omissions). Hill & Usher can get you set up for what you need and fast! Complete the online quote form and you could be fully insured within 24-28 hours. Amazing!

Safety Tip Three: Have a Sick Policy in Place

By “in place,” I mean in your contract that your clients sign. You can even reiterate this to your clients in the weeks and/or days leading up to their sessions.

This sick policy clause is not only for the baby’s family, but also for YOU. What happens if you are sick on the day-of a scheduled session? The last thing you need to be doing when sick is swaddling a two week old baby for pictures. Your clients need to know, in advance, exactly what your procedure is if any party becomes ill. I know you care about your clients and want them to stay safe and well!

Safety Tip Four: Complete Newborn Photography Training

Shameless plug 😉 I’ll actually be teaching this in a portion of my upcoming newborn course–which you can get on the waitlist for here! As a newborn photographer, you need to be aware of the proper swaddling methods, safe poses for newborns, and even product recalls if you use props during your sessions.

Keep in mind that there is no official certification process for newborn photographer safety. So, any company offering certification is, sadly, just a ploy for your money.

These safety tips may seem like a lot of extra to-do work, but I promise it’s all worth it knowing you can provide your clients with extra peace of mind.

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