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Introducing the Lifestyle and Posed Newborn Course

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I’ve spent the last six months priming content specifically with newborn photographers in mind for my Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Course. I’m so incredibly proud of this project and can’t wait for you to dive in. BUT, I totally understand if you aren’t quite ready to jump right in and take advantage of the course. That is why I wanted to take the time to answer FAQs that I’ve had from photographers just like you.

Why I created this course…

When I was starting my newborn photography journey, I had a really hard time finding quality education in the style that I wanted to provide for my clients. I knew I didn’t want to have my own studio (hello, overhead costs) nor did I want to photograph multiple newborn sessions per week. My personal goal was to stay home with my kids and work with one newborn client per week, on average. My focus has always been quality over quantity.

But there was literally no education out there for what I wanted. I ended up having to piece together so many different online courses and come up with my own style: Lifestyle + Posed. I wanted to offer in-home services so my clients could stay home and stay comfortable, but I also wanted to offer them beautiful, classic, and minimal baby-led posed images using only natural light.

I took a course on safety, several courses on wrapping, even more courses on posing and lighting, yet found myself developing my own method that allowed me to blend the best of both lifestyle and posed photography.

This course is the culmination of years of perfecting my own style, teaching it to my mentoring students one-on-one, and finally putting it all together in one program. No more researching and looking for a newborn course…the Lifestyle + Posed Course puts it all together for you. The future of newborn photography is here!

What you’ll learn…

You’ll learn how to effortlessly the combine intimacy of a lifestyle session with the skill of a posed session. Your clients no longer have to choose between the two styles because you’ll be able to offer both with expert knowledge.

Is this course right for you?

If you’ve taken ALL the natural light photography courses but are still missing the newborn education you’ve been looking for, this course is for you. Or, maybe you’re seeking to fine-tune your client experience to begin attracting high-end clients? This course will help you with just this!

Is the course self-paced?

100%, yes! You’ll be able to watch each lesson at your own pace. You’ll be able to practice what you’ve learned and incorporate your new skills into your newborn sessions when you’re ready.

Do I have lifetime access?

Again, yes! You’ll have lifetime access. This means you can come back to a lesson anytime you wish AND you’ll have access to all course updates.

Is there a workbook that follows the course?

Of course! You know I love a good a workbook. Print the course workbook as you follow along each module to ensure you don’t miss any important details.

Do you explain common newborn photography terms in the course?

While I don’t cover all the terms relating around newborn photography, we will cover the difference between lifestyle and posed and whether in-home or in-studio sessions would be best ideal for your clients.

If you do have any questions pop-up, you can simply comment within the course or send me an email.

What do you cover in the Lifestyle and Newborn Posed Course?

Outside of walking you through a lifestyle session and posed session, we will also cover safety training and insurance coverage. We cover how to work with moms, dads, kids of all ages, and even fur babies.

And, a personal favorite topic of my past students, how to edit solely in Lightroom quickly and consistently!

Course Modules

There are a total of eight modules that cover various topics within newborn photography. Below is a quick breakdown of each.

Module One | Course Introduction

Let’s set the stage for what’s to come! This module covers the need-to-know info you simply can’t do without. What is a lifestyle and posed session? What is the difference between shooting a studio vs. your clients’ homes? How do you deliver an exceptional client experience? And, how do you schedule your newborn session before and after the baby is born?

Module Two | All About the Baby

Newborn safety, sleepy cues, soothing techniques, and wrapping…this module is GOLD! Your most-asked questions and struggles are answered and conquered in this module.

Module Three | All About the Family

This module includes everything you need to know when working with different members of the family including pets. Learn how to WOW every family member so they sing your praises!

Module Four | All About Natural Light

From nursery light and master bedroom light, to finding light in unexpected places…these lessons just may be the “meat and potatoes” of the whole course!

Module Five | All About Posing

In Module Five, I’ll teach you my signature posing style and break down how to direct your clients. From posing the entire family together to posing the baby alone and everything in between, it’s all here!

Module Six | All About the Workflow

I’ll show you how to put into practice what you’ve learned in the previous lessons and why it’s important to have a plan, yet also be flexible. Every session and family is different and no two sessions are alike!

Module Seven | Behind-the-Scenes

It’s time to peel back the curtain and go on location with me to THREE different newborn sessions: one in-home lifestyle session, one in-home lifestyle + posed session, and one in-studio lifestyle + posed session. I’ll show you how to implement everything you’ve learned so far!

Module Eight | All About Editing

In this final module, I’ll show you my editing process with Noble Presets and how I edit newborn skin to look smooth yet natural using only Lightroom! That’s right–I don’t use Photoshop at all.

Now is the time to say “goodbye” to stressful newborn sessions and “hello” to simple, streamlined, and stunning in-home sessions that will blow your clients out of the water. You can learn more and sign up here.

Oh, and as bonuses for signing up for the course, you’ll also receive my signature Complete Newborn Session Prep Collection. From email templates, photography prep, and client experience, I cover it ALL in this one-of-a-kind collection valued at $97!

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