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A luxury maternity and newborn photographer, business coach, and educator. I have a heart for helping busy moms save oodles of time so they can spend more of it with their families. As a homeschool mom and business owner, I understand how precious your time is. My goal is to help you build the business, and life, of your dreams.

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The Ultimate Bundle for Newborn Photographers

If you’ve been eyeing the Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Course or the Membership for Motherhood Photographers offered by Brenna Heater Photography + Education, then this post is for YOU! (Hint: stick around until the end for a HUGE discount!) I have helped countless Motherhood and Newborn Photographers just like you gain confidence in their business, level-up their client experience, price for profit, and gain back their precious time! Newborn Photography Education doesn’t have to be complicated to learn, but instead should be exciting and rewarding! Does this sound like something you’re needing, too?!

Before we get to what you’re really here for, I want to be sure that you have clarity on these two products, and what makes them each so unique. However, you absolutely need both in your life if you are a Motherhood + Newborn Photographer!

Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Course

The Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Course is a self-paced course, and ideal for the Motherhood and Newborn Photographers who want to learn on their own time and move on to the next step whenever they are ready.  

There are 8 modules in this course covering various topics.  Here’s exactly what each module covers:

  1. Course Intro: This module covers what a lifestyle and posed session is, the difference between shooting a studio vs. in a client’s home, how to deliver an exceptional client experience, and how to schedule the newborn session before and after the baby is born
  2. All About The Baby: Newborn safety, sleepy cues, soothing techniques, and wrapping
  3. All About The Family: Module Three includes everything you need to know when working with different members of the family: moms, dads, kids, and pets.
  4. All About Natural Light: From nursery light and master bedroom light, to finding light in unexpected places…these lessons just may be the “meat and potatoes” of the whole course!
  5. All About Posing: In Module Five, I’ll teach you my signature posing style and break down how to direct your clients.
  6. All About The Workflow: Here, I’ll show you how to put into practice what you’ve learned in the previous lessons and why it’s important to have a plan, yet also be flexible.
  7. Behind-the-Scenes: It’s time to peel back the curtain and go on location with me to three different newborn sessions: one in-home lifestyle session, one in-home lifestyle + posed session, and one in-studio lifestyle + posed session.
  8. All About Editing: In this final module, I’ll show you my editing process with Noble Presets and how I edit newborn skin to look smooth yet natural using only Lightroom!

The Course Bonuses

In addition to the 8 jam-packed modules, I include EVERYTHING you need to be fully prepared and organized in your business, so these incredible bonuses are also included with the course:

  • Newborn Session Email Templates
  • The Client Experience Guide
  • Photographer Prep Guide
  • Flodesk email marketing mini-course

Membership for Motherhood Photographers

The Membership for Motherhood Photographers is a monthly program for family, maternity, milestone, birth, and newborn photographers that includes brand new content for less than $1 a day.  Every month, members get access to fresh, NEW content including a behind-the-scenes session video from a REAL session, a 30-60 minute masterclass that dives deep into a business topic, and a group coaching call in a small group environment! 

In addition to the new content that’s added each month, members also get instant access to all previous months’ lessons! Ready to binge-watch ALL the content over the holidays?! It’s waiting just for you! 

Finally, one of the most raved parts of the membership is the private members-only online community! This is one of the most encouraging and helpful groups I have EVER been a part of, and we would love for you to join! 

The Ultimate Bundle for Newborn Photographers

The Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Course and Membership for Motherhood for Motherhood Photographers is truly the perfect combination of Motherhood and Newborn Photography Education! For this reason alone, I have–for the first time ever–BUNDLED both programs into one offer so that you can have access to our most popular educational programs in The Ultimate Bundle for Newborn Photographers

So what’s included?!

  • Lifetime access to the Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Course
  • One year access to the Membership for Motherhood Photographers (i.e., no recurring payments!)
  • Over 10% savings when you purchase the bundle!

If you’re still wondering why the course and the membership are the perfect complement to each other, say no more!

  • Learn in-depth newborn skills inside the L+P Course including safety, swaddling, lighting, posing, workflow, editing, and more
  • Watch me shoot a wide variety of sessions, learn from business masterclasses, and get personalized coaching inside the MMP
  • Most BHP students are part of both the course and the membership, and value both equally

Did someone mention a huge deal?!

The Ultimate Bundle for Newborn Photographers is the BEST DEAL for the most popular educational offerings that will have you ready to grow your photography business faster than you can say: “Show me everything you know, Brenna!”

When you purchase the L+P Course and the MMP separately at full price they’ll total $767. But when you buy the Bundle you’ll save over 10%!

It gets better…for a limited time we’re giving you an extra 13% off the bundle price and bringing your total to just $598!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this post below. I’m cheering you on always!

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