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A luxury maternity and newborn photographer, business coach, and educator. I have a heart for helping busy moms save oodles of time so they can spend more of it with their families. As a homeschool mom and business owner, I understand how precious your time is. My goal is to help you build the business, and life, of your dreams.

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Interview with an SEO Expert on SEO Tips for Photographers

Leah MacDaniel shares 5 mind-blowing SEO tips for photographers with our membership community this month. In this blog post, I’m going to breeze over a few of them but you’ll have to watch the masterclass to get the in-depth tips. If you’re already a member, you can log in today to watch, or join us today to watch

SEO expert, Leah MacDaniel
SEO Expert, Leah MacDaniel. Photo by Mac MacDaniel.

Membership for Motherhood Photographers

The Membership for Motherhood Photographers offers affordable monthly lessons and group coaching for motherhood photographers who want to up-level their business. Each month a new masterclass is released, and this month members are receiving an Interview with SEO expert,  Leah MacDaniel. Leah also shares some incredible freebies exclusively for members. These include:

  1. My guide to the 5 easy things I’d recommend doing to get started on your SEO today
  2. The exact planning template I use when writing content (either pages or posts) for myself or for clients
  3. A photographer-specific guide to keyword research including the free or cheap tools I use every day, how to get started, and how to organize your research.

Want to get your hands on these goodies? Log in to your Member Portal, click 2023, click February 2023, then you’re golden!

SEO Tips for Photographers

If you haven’t checked out My Favorite Website and Blog Platforms for SEO, or my SEO 101 and SEO 201 blog posts (and MMP masterclasses!), be sure to check those out! SEO is crucial in your photography business.  Thankfully, Leah shared 5 incredible tips in her Interview that we all should be doing.  See them below!

Keyword Research

I touch on this in the SEO 101 blog, but Keywords Everywhere really is your best friend when it comes to keyword research. And what’s even better is that it’s “basically free,” as Leah says. Inside the masterclass with Leah, we show you my computer screen so you know exactly how to use Keywords Everywhere. It was so interesting to see what keywords my ideal clients are searching for! Once you know, you can more easily optimize your blog and website, which brings me to the next SEO tip for photographers. Use my referral link to get an extra 20% when you buy $50 of credits.

Optimize Your Blog Posts & Website Pages

Once you nail down the best keywords to help your ideal clients find you, then it’s time to optimize. Leah tells members which sections of your blog posts and web pages are constantly being scanned by Google to help future clients find you. My jaw was literally dropped for a good 60 seconds when I learned this tip. It’s a game changer and will absolutely affect how I update my website and blog posts!

Keep Your Content Alive

Keeping your content alive and consistent is SO important! This means, making sure your content is up to date. It’s okay to edit and update old blog posts from time to time as information may change.  You want to be sure that you are educating your reader on the latest and greatest! Staying in the know on the latest trends, education, tips, and more will help you spread that same messaging to your ideal readers.

Want more info on SEO?!

Don’t forget to join us inside Membership for Motherhood Photographers to catch the latest Interview with Leah MacDaniel on all things SEO! She goes in-depth on 5 SEO tips for photographers that you can begin to implement in your business right away! Don’t wait!

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