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Why You Should Have an Assistant at Your Mini Sessions

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By now, it’s no secret that I love offering mini sessions to my clients!

The fact that mini sessions allow me to reconnect with my clients and watch their kids grow from newborns to toddlers to teenagers, brings my heart so much joy.

However, while mini sessions are a whole lot of fun they are also a whole lot of work.

This is why having an assistant with me the day-of my mini sessions is a lifesaver!

Now, when I say assistant, I’m not talking about an additional shooter. I’m talking about someone who can help you keep track of time, talk with clients who arrive early, answer any client calls that come through, and other odds and ends that arise so I can focus solely on my photography.

Here is just a quick list of how my assistant helps me with my mini sessions:

  1. Handle any calls that come through. I’m not able to pick up the phone while I’m shooting another session, especially since sessions only last 15-20 minutes.
  2. Inform me of who my next client is so I don’t have to have that memorized or break out my session list after each time slot.
  3. If a client arrives early, my assistant is my buffer. My assistant will greet and chat with clients while I wrap up the session that is prior to theirs.
  4. My assistant confirms my client’s email that they want their gallery delivered to and reminds them when they can expect their gallery.
  5. Behind-the-scenes for social media. I love having an assistant on-site so they can grab some behind-the-scenes footage of me in my element!

Tell me, do you have an assistant with you the day-of your mini sessions? If so, share with me how they’ve been a lifesaver for you in the comments!

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