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5 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Newborn Photographer

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Your little one is the most important aspect of your world and before they grow up (which, they do way too fast!) you want to capture all the baby snuggles, toes, and sweet sleepy smiles.

You begin researching for newborn photographers in your area. You’ve found two photographers work that you just love. But, how do you decide who to book?

Yes, price often plays a factor in who you decide to book. BUT beyond the dollar signs of a newborn session, there are key questions you need to ask. In fact, I believe these questions should be asked prior to the What do you charge? question.

Here are the 5 questions you should ask before booking your newborn photographer.

What safety training do you have with newborns?

It should be a very big red flag if your photographer states they have no safety training on how to care for your newborn during his/her session.

As a parent myself, having the peace of mind knowing my photographer is properly versed in how to care and handle my babies is something I would pay extra for any day.

There are poses that aren’t safe for infants and having a photographer who has gone through proper safety training will know the good poses versus the bad.

Another thing that I want to point out here is by a newborn photographer staying up to date on all the safety protocols is showing you that they care for your newborn before they ever step foot in your little one’s nursery.

Is your business insured?

Your photographer needs to be insured. No ifs, ands, and buts.

If a baby item gets damaged during the newborn session will your photographer be able to replace the item if damage was in direct result from something he or she did? And, worst case scenario, a prop falls and hurts your baby, will your photographer be able to pay the medical bill?

Insurance is there for the worst case scenarios. No one wants to have to actually file a claim, but if it had to be done, is your photographer covered?

I promise you whatever the worst case scenario may be in your head, it’s 10x worse without an insured photographer.

How do you prepare us for our session?

Client communication is key!

Even if this isn’t your first newborn session, you still want to know how your photographer will help prepare you for your session.

Will your session be at the studio or do sessions happen within the clients’ homes?

Does your photographer help prepare you for what you should wear and how you should style your hair and makeup? Even better, does she send you a list of professional referrals for these services?

Does he or she help guide you in prepping additional children (or even fur babies!) for sessions?

Remember, you can have the world’s best photographer, but if he doesn’t assist you in prepping for your session, you may end up with a gallery full of images you just don’t love.

This is also a great time to ask how she handles communication. Do you have access to their email, office line, or cell phone?

How do we book you?

Okay, so you know who you want to move forward with, but how do you book them? All you need to do is ask!

Your photographer should give you the 4-1-1 on the booking process. From signing a contract (which there should be a contract!) to how final payment is made, you should have the complete know-how prior to ever signing the actual contract.

Again, if the photographer doesn’t have a contract this should be another really big red flag. Contracts outline the terms of the service and also protects you if the photographer doesn’t follow through with the terms.

What is the turnaround time for images?

Yay! You had your newborn session and CANNOT wait to see the gallery. Ask your photographer prior to booking, how many images you can expect in the gallery and the turnaround for their editing time.

Some photographers will share a few sneak peeks 24 hours from your session time, with the full edited gallery delivered within a two week time frame. However, not all photographers have the capability to have such a quick delivery window.

As long as these expectations are noted on the front end, you’ll be a little less likely to continually check your phone for that gallery link email.

Bonus Tip: Ask your photographer how you can download and purchase your images after receiving your gallery and if they offer any additional items such as personalized albums.

I hope you enjoyed reading through the 5 questions you should ask your newborn photographer.

May you feel ready to start inquiring and hoping on a phone consultation with that newborn photographer you’ve been eyeing.

Congrats, Mama!

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