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A luxury maternity and newborn photographer, business coach, and educator. I have a heart for helping busy moms save oodles of time so they can spend more of it with their families. As a homeschool mom and business owner, I understand how precious your time is. My goal is to help you build the business, and life, of your dreams.

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5 Apps That Help Me Save Time

As a homeschool mom and business owner, time is my most prized asset. I can’t afford to throw valuable time out the window and I’d be willing to bet that you can’t either! If you’re looking for services and platforms that help you save precious time, look no further. From business to personal, these are my five favorite apps that help me save time:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again and again ;-)), but if you’re a service-based business then you need a good CRM to help you run the backend of your business. That’s where 17hats comes in. A CRM is a customer relationship management tool that helps to keep you organized and send customer emails and reminders automatically so your business can literally run while you sleep. Save 50% on your first year with 17hats when you use my referral link!


Okay, it’s not an app on my phone but an app I use on my desktop to cull my sessions for me. AfterShoot uses AI software to group like photos together, has multiple custom settings to give you the results you want, and best of all, helps me save hours of time per session. You can see exactly what settings I use when I use AfterShoot inside a January 2022 bonus bonus lesson of the Membership for Motherhood Photographers (log in or sign up). Ready to give AfterShoot a try? Save 10% here!


I use this app to plan and schedule my Instagram posts, write captions, research hashtags, and more so I don’t waste precious time scrolling and getting lost in the ‘gram. I’m also a huge fan of batching my IG planning about a week at a time, and Planoly is great for this! That means I can sit down toward the end of one week, and plan out what I’m going to post the following week. Having a plan in advance helps to save sooooo much time! Get your free Planoly account now.

Home Chef

Dinner time used to be a huge struggle in our home. 5pm would roll around and we were running around trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Planning ahead, finding recipes that the whole family would like, doing the shopping without while trying to waste ingredients…it’s all a thing of the past! Home Chef meal delivery kits have been the answer to the dinnertime struggle. Want to give it a try? Save $35 on your first Home Chef delivery here!

Imperfect Foods

Weekly grocery delivery that helps to eliminate food waste! I can build my Imperfect Foods box in just 10 minutes; that sure beats having to shop at the local grocery store. I can even pause or skip delivery as needed. No more third-party fees, either! Check to see if Imperfect Foods delivers to your zip code and save $20 on each of your first 4 orders ($80 total) with this link!

See my complete list of favorite business and personal products, along with discounts just for you at brennaheater.com/favorites (including Rothy’s & Grove Collaborative). This blog post includes affiliate links in which I may receive a small commission or credit if you decide to purchase with any of these companies.

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