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Blogging for Photographers

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If you’re a photographer, then you should definitely be blogging! While podcasts may be great for auditory learners seeking free educational content, blogs are ideal for visual learners who would rather read than listen. Blogs are the perfect medium for sharing your sessions, reaching new clients in your area, and offering inspiration for fellow photographers. Blogging for photographers is extremely beneficial!

blogging for photographers

Is blogging dead?

Absolutely not! Blogging is very much alive. While there may not be as many active blogs these days as there were in the mid- to late-2000s when blogging really took off, don’t let that deter you. I look at it as a good thing! There’s just less “competition.” That means that because fewer people are blogging, there are more opportunities for your blog content to be seen by avid readers.

Why is blogging important for photographers?

  1. Marketing

    Your blog is free marketing! Clients will share their sessions with their friends and family. The best part, is even if their loved ones aren’t on social media, the link they share is able to be viewed by anyone!

  2. SEO

    SEO stands for search engine optimization…basically how high your website ranks when others do an online search for certain keywords. The different topics and sessions you share on your blog will help others to find your blog based on the keywords you use.

  3. You own your blog!

    As opposed to social media, which could technically disappear tomorrow, you will always own your blog. It’s a permanent spot for your content!

How often should I be blogging?

Choose a consistent blogging schedule that is manageable for you! A good place to start is two blogs a month, which is totally doable. You don’t have to blog every session you photograph, either. Maybe you only blog the sessions that exemplify and thus attract your ideal client. I’m also a huge fan of batching your blog content. That means planning ahead for your blog posts a month at a time. You’ll write your content, format your blog, add images, and work on SEO all in one day. Then schedule each post for the entire month and voila–you’re done!

BONUS: new blog posts make for easy social media content, too!

Want to learn more?

Inside the Membership for Motherhood Photographers this month we dive deep into the ins and out of blogging for photographers. This lesson covers way more about the benefits of blogging for photographers, tips for writing your posts, as well as the tech and tools needed to blog efficiently and effectively. Join today for just $27!

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