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Pinterest 201 for Photographers

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If you haven’t read Pinterest 101 yet, definitely read that before reading all about Pinterest 201 for Photographers below!

YAY! Now that you’re all caught up and you have your Pinterest account, profile, and board set up, let’s get Pinning! Pinterest 201 covers creating pins, the parts of a pin, keywords, SEO, and amazing Pinterest tools to save time and make your Pinterest presence look professional.

Pinterest 201 for Photographers

How to Optimize Pinterest

When using Pinterest for your business, there’s more than just repinning inspo before a session. While that is still helpful, Pinterest favors creating fresh content. There are four parts of a pin when creating a new pin: graphic, title, description, and link. It’s so important that you are using all four of these parts to optimize your Pins.

When creating your pins, using keywords and having a good understanding of SEO will help your Pins consistently show up to monthly viewers.  Pinterest is the number two search engine behind Google. If your photography business isn’t on Pinterest, then you’re missing out being found by your ideal client. 

Pinterest Tools

Now that you know how to create new pins and the importance they carry, let’s talk about how to create and schedule your pins!

My two favorite tools I use daily for Pinterest are Canva and Tailwind (get a $15 credit!).  I use Canva for creating pins.  You can get started today with your free account and receive a complimentary premium element! I use Tailwind for scheduling all of my pins. Tailwind is n authorized Pinterest partner and automatically schedules 15-25 pins per day that will perform during the best times of the day.  

Want to learn how to optimize your Pinterest?

This month’s MMP lesson dives even deeper into how to create your Pinterest graphics in Canva, best practices for your pin titles and descriptions to increase your SEO, and see exactly how I use Tailwind to schedule my Pinterest posts for the next 4+ weeks. There may even be a BONUS to get you started! Not a member yet? Click here to learn more and join today!

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