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A luxury maternity and newborn photographer, business coach, and educator. I have a heart for helping busy moms save oodles of time so they can spend more of it with their families. As a homeschool mom and business owner, I understand how precious your time is. My goal is to help you build the business, and life, of your dreams.

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Making a Move in Your Photography Business

Whether you’re physically moving your photography business to a new city, making a change to your offerings, or niching down your services, use these steps to let your audience know and set yourself up for success. This month, I hosted a masterclass on making a move with your photography business inside my Membership for Motherhood Photographers. I share the exact steps you should take, and helpful tips to make it as stress-free and successful as possible. You can log in or join today to watch it now!

Steps to Making a Move in Your Photography Business


First things first, be sure to announce your move to your email list, blog, & social media. This is where your ideal clients and audience will hear your announcement. Need some help with exactly what to say? Be sure to grab the free template inside the Membership for Motherhood Photographers’ Masterclass!

Next, add a banner to your website. This is great for anyone who lands on your website to find out the news, even if they are not on your email list or they missed your social media post. You want to be sure that you are covering all of your marketing platforms with the announcement in your photography business.

Finally, change your social media bio “coming soon to…” or “now booking in…”! Not only does this serve as an additional announcement that anyone on your social media page to see, but it serves as a great location keyword when potential clients may be searching for a photographer.


Now that you have announced your big move in your photography business, begin your research and follow photographers, ideal clients, and possible collaborators in your new city. Where are your ideal clients hanging out? Are there local meet & greets and industry events you could meet other local photographers? Another great idea is reaching out to local makeup artists, florists, and clothing boutiques for collaborations. Community over competition, always!

Your ideal clients are most likely using social media for some level of searching for a photographer. They do this by searching keywords from your bio and by searching hashtag. Make sure you are using a few hashtags on all of your posts, and before you make your move! Take a day to do some hashtag research on where you are moving to see which would perform best and be most in line with your business. If you’re curious to know what tool I use for hashtag research, that’s included in the MMP Masterclass, too!

Finally, if you’re able, make a trip to your new city for location scouting. You want to be sure that you are able to help your future clients with choosing a great location and being knowledgable when preparing them for a session with you. Client experience is everything! Once you have found a few locations that may be perfect for your style, host a round of model call sessions. This is a great way to begin building your new client base, and even gain referrals from your models!


Last but certainly not least, adjust pricing as needed for first few paying clients. You may have to be flexible as you figure things out in the beginning, so be okay with changing your offerings for a period of time. You can even offer types of sessions you didn’t offer in your pervious market. This will help introduce you to clients in your new area. It’ll be a learning experience for you and your business as you begin getting settled. If you need practical pricing tips, I offer them inside the April 2023 MMP Masterclass!

Membership for Motherhood Photographers

If you’re looking for an amazing community of photographers from all over the globe, check out and join my Membership for Motherhood Photographers! Not only is it one of my top resources for motherhood and newborn photographers with new BTS and a Masterclass each month, but the community is incredible. Having a community of support and encouragement as you navigate anything in your business is always so rewarding! Click here to join today for just $17!

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