When you’re a new parent, it’s evident that you’ll be taking ALL the photos you can of your baby while she’s still itty bitty. These are my best tips for getting quality photos of your littlest family members from the comfort on your home! Shoot Down the Nose In other words, don’t shoot up the […]

Apr 3, 2020


Do you love the outcome of your family photos but loathe the process? Grumpy husband, cranky kids, sweat rolling down your back while you try to smile and keep your cool? You’re not alone! I send a huge guide to my clients to help them prepare their kids for their photo session so I’m going […]

Mar 6, 2020


If you’re like me and LOVE to update your family photos every year (or multiple times per year), then maybe you feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning your family’s outfits. Gone are the days of having everyone in matching jeans and white, button-down shirts. It’s all about coordinating without looking like you’re trying too […]

Feb 7, 2020


Do you know the red flags? There comes a time in nearly everyone’s lives that you look to hire a professional photographer. Whether it’s for family portraits, business headshots, or your wedding, there are three things I want you to look for before you give your hard-earned money to just anyone. When I first started […]

Oct 1, 2018


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