Why I Use and Recommend Pixieset

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If you’re struggling to find an online platform that allows you to share client galleries in a seamless and beautiful way, then this blog is for you.

For my business, I use and LOVE using Pixieset. Pixieset is a modern online gallery delivery platform that is easy to use for not only you, but most importantly, your clients.

Here are just a handful of reasons that I love and recommend Pixieset…

Beautiful and Customizable Designs

With Pixieset, you are able to tailor each gallery specifically to your client. From cover photos, to the organization of their images, they’ll have no hassle in navigating through images.

Easy for Clients to View and Download Their Images

I know I’ve already mentioned this several times, but Pixieset is very user-friendly. We all know the importance of functionality when it comes to tech. With Pixieset, your clients will be able to download, purchase, favorite, and even share images with ease.

When a client accesses his or her gallery, Pixieset will automatically do a quick tutorial of how to navigate their gallery.

Pro tip: If you want to go a step further, you can even send a video walkthrough for couples with a quick screen-share tutorial if you’d like by using a third-party Chrome Extension called Loom. (It’s free!)

Clients Purchase Products Directly from Their Gallery

All from one gallery, your clients will be able to purchase prints, greeting cards, and wall art. Plus, you’ll earn a commission from all purchases (as long as you have a paid Pixieset account) while the print lab fulfills and ships each order automatically. Talk about a win all the way around!

You can also offer coupons, gift cards, free shipping, etc. within Pixieset. Just think… when the holidays are approaching and your clients are starting to think about Christmas cards, you come to the rescue by offering a flash sale. They use your discount code to purchase their cards within Pixieset, which saves your client loads of time from having to download then upload their images into another greeting card platform and brings passive income to your pocketbook.

Perfect System for Upselling Images from Mini Sessions

Ever find yourself not being able to cull a gallery down to just 5 of your favorite images? Do your clients prefer to choose their own images? Do you ever have clients ask how much additional images would cost after a mini session?

My answers to the questions above are always yes.

With Pixieset, I’m able to add more photos outside of the 5 originally contracted images, and provide an opportunity for clients to purchase additional prints. Again, this allows me to gain a commission on each additional print purchased. I’m happy and the client is happy. Again, a major win-win scenario.

Ready to start using Pixieset in your business?

Click here to use my affiliate link that provides you with 250 MB of bonus storage.

Don’t stress. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to dive head first, Pixieset does offer a free version for up to 3GB of storage, plus the additional 250 MB if you use this link. After the free version, Pixieset begins at just $8 per month.

I could talk about Pixieset all day long. If you still have questions about the platform, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

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