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BHP July Star Student – Brielle Kaschak

Photography, Star Student

Brielle Kaschak is the BHP July Star Student, and I am so excited to share more about her!  She has been running her successful photography business since 2014, but taking photos since she was just a child.  Disposable cameras are where everything started for Brielle, including endless photos of her room and stuffed animals her parents would have developed. She earned her BFA and concentrated in photography, because she knew she wanted to work doing something creative in the medium she loved.  How amazing to follow your childhood dreams and see them come to life?!

About Brielle

Brielle is a wife and mama to two little ones, ages 4 and 1. She is a NY Giants football-loving, Disney obsessed kinda girl, with a love of floral prints.  Her favorite kind of night is spent at home with takeout and a movie with her family, taking in all of the belly laughs. 

Brielle has been a photographer for 8 years and serves families in every season of life – from weddings to newborns.  Her heart, however, is most fulfilled when photographing sweet little babies.  She says they are so full of wonder and considers herself so lucky to document the biggest milestones of a family’s life.  

Brielle is a student in the Mini Session Course, Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Course, and a member of Membership for Motherhood Photographers.  She contributes a lot of her posing and workflows to the newborn course, and says her sessions run so much more efficiently now.  Her favorite part of the Membership for Motherhood Photographers is the business aspect.  She has learned from the monthly content to implement business workflow tips, saved time during sessions, and saved herself from making many mistakes. 

When chatting recently with Brielle, she said “Everyone loves to share what they offer like a client closet or gifting, but not everyone will be an open book to what, how, and why they do certain things. It’s like having a friend in business who has been down the road you are on, it’s invaluable!”  This is why I do what I do, friends! I want to be the BEST cheerleader I can be for you, while helping provide you with so much knowledge-based value in the industry. 

About the BHP Community

I am so thankful to Brielle for being in the BHP Community, and it would not be the same without her!  She loves having a place to go for help when dealing with similar situations or just some quick advice. Having someone who understands your business wins and struggles is so special, and it is my hope that everyone finds that place for themselves.  I am ALWAYS here for my students, and I hope they know that I love nothing more than providing help and encouragement.  If I can play just a small role in your journey, it means the world.

If you’re looking for a community of Motherhood Photographers, we would LOVE to have you join us! 

In the meantime, check out some of Brielle’s work. I am SO proud of you, Brielle, and am always cheering you on! 

Brielle Kaschak Photography
Brielle Kaschak Photography
Brielle Kaschak Photography

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